Do you know the behavior of your containers? Would you stake your job on it?

WEBINAR: January 26th @11:00a.m. PT

REGISTER NOW!You’ve developed a fabulous application in a container/ Kubernetes Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline. The application works as it should, and the static scans look secure…but…

Is it actually operating securely?

Are any 3rd party components you’ve integrated doing something they shouldn’t be doing?

How do you know?

To be confident about the behavior of your app, active inspection of running binaries within a container and utilizing live telemetry is key. Continuous observability enables this by filling the gaps that static code (SAST) and dynamic external inspections (DAST) don’t cover.

Join this technical session and learn:

  • The benefits a continuous observability solution delivers to developers and their teams
  • A straightforward method to obtain this runtime information from any container to deliver extracting metric data with minimal overhead
  • The knowledge needed to immediately leverage continuous observability to consistently deploy apps with confidence


  • Mike Larkin, Founder & CTO @DeepFactor

  • John Day, Customer Success Engineer @DeepFactor


DeepFactor: Continuous Observability for Security & Compliance

Designed for today’s modern apps, DeepFactor is the industry’s first Continuous Observability platform to fill the void between static code scanning (SAST/SCA/Container scanning tools) on the left and production security tools (Container/Kubernetes security and vulnerability scanning tools) on the right.

DeepFactor is FREE for 10 or less developers! Get started right away!

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