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The Death of Double-Agent George Blake

In 1952 the American OPERATION STRANGLE in the Korean War…

…dropped 600K tons of bombs on DPRK and 2 million civilians perished. It had reverse effect of expected and cauterized resistance.

One of the most well-known yet least connected stories to such “cauterized resistance” was a double-agent for the Soviet Union named George Blake who emphasized

…that he decided to switch sides after seeing civilians massacred by the “American military machine.” “I realized back then that such conflicts are deadly dangerous for the entire humankind and made the most important decision in my life – to cooperate with Soviet intelligence voluntarily and for free to help protect peace in the world”.

Although he was sentenced to jail in the UK he instead escaped to Russia where he intentionally put hundreds of people in harms way. Dozens of people were executed in Russia due to his actions, although he denied responsibility while simultaneously asking for credit. He has just died aged 98, feted by Russia.

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