FireMon Integration with Zscaler Internet Access Streamlines Enterprise Moves to Cloud-Centric Security Architectures

Customers Can Migrate More Easily, Ensure Continuous Visibility and Control Across Heterogeneous Hybrid Networks

DALLAS –December 1, 2020 – FireMonthe leading network security policy management company that brings visibility, control, agility and automation to enterprise cloud and hybrid network infrastructure, today announced an integration with Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA)  to simplify enterprise adoption of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architectures.

As enterprises move to the cloud, they are adopting hybrid network security architectures that incorporate cloud-first technologies like SASE improve flexibility, performance, and agility.  Using FireMon Security Manager, joint customers visualize and manage Zscaler Advanced Cloud Firewall policies in ZIA alongside traditional firewalls and other network security policy enforcement points.  This simplifies migration and ensures continuous visibility, control, and compliance across hybrid network environments.

Leveraging the APIs from Zscaler and FireMon, FireMon applies real-time policy analysis to ensure effective enforcement and network segmentation is in place. Joint customers can visualize configuration, policy, and rule usage statistics across all network security enforcement points through a single pane of glass.  This centralized management approach allows customers to validate policies against regulatory or corporate standards, analyze access across the network, and monitor for change to pinpoint risks quickly. Together, FireMon and Zscaler improves a customer’s security posture and simplifies governance and compliance with automated reporting, eliminating the need to swivel on multiple consoles.

“Through our partnership with Zscaler, our customers can move faster towards zero-trust, cloud-centric network and security architectures,” said Satin H. Mirchandani, President and CEO of FireMon. “Our partnership gives them a unified view to manage policy which reduces complexity and improves security agility and responsiveness.”

“Thousands of  Zscaler customers use the Zero Trust Exchange to secure digital transformation by securely connecting applications, users and devices from anywhere,” said Amit Raikar, Vice President of Business Development at  Zscaler. “Customers have thousands of existing security policies to migrate or continue to enforce across a hybrid network. The FireMon integration with ZIA lets them visualize, normalize, and manage these policies across their entire network, within a single platform.”

FireMon is the first agile network security policy management (NSPM) platform, allowing customers to orchestrate security and compliance policy across cloud, on-prem, and hybrid networks through a single interface.  Through its unique headless API, enterprises and technology partners can integrate and leverage any function available in the platform without modifying their own workflows.


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