Reflections on our Six Year Anniversary

2020 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Ranking for PerimeterX

#49 on Deloitte Fast 500 Ranking Highlights 3,637% Growth Over Three Years

When Ido, Ophir and I founded PerimeterX in 2014, we had a vision for changing the way web apps were protected. We saw that cloud computing was being adopted quickly, with Salesforce and AWS becoming household names and organizations rapidly moving away from on-premises solutions. And we knew as more applications continued to move to the cloud and websites and web apps became the key way that business was done, that the security model would need to change. Forcing web traffic through a monolithic network for inspection would no longer work, and putting a hardware appliance in the cloud would be impossible. We knew there needed to be a better way.

We couldn’t find a company solving this problem in a better way, so we decided to start PerimeterX and design a revolutionary, cloud-native architecture to address it. I have fond memories of the three of us starting out at our VC offices in Palo Alto, and hiring our first employee. And when we won our first paying customer in 2016, wow! While we had big dreams, I don’t know that we thought we’d be sitting here today with nearly 200 employees in three main locations — San Mateo, Tel Aviv and Miami; over 180 active customers with a platform that has grown to three products. And we’ve just completed the largest quarter in the company’s history, adding 20 new logos to the mix.

Our reality hit home even more for me yesterday when I attended the 2020 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 reception for companies that made the list. PerimeterX was ranked #49 nationally and #10 on the list of the top companies in the Bay Area with 3,637% growth over three years. It’s hard for me to (Read more...)

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