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Multi-Tenant Cloud PKI for MSPs

A PKI is a vital part of any comprehensive network security strategy and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are aware of this. Currently, MSPs are under scrutiny as a number of cyber-attacks have followed their customers and MSPs reported being attacked themselves. This can lead to mistrust between MSPs and their clients, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in how MSPs manage their network security.

This concern can be remedied through a stronger focus on cybersecurity. MSPs often use FreeRADIUS as their go-to RADIUS solution, which offers unfortunately few management options. Poor management can lead to gaps in security for themselves and their customers.

SecureW2 offers a new ground-breaking feature called “multi-tenant public key infrastructure” that allows MSPs, like the name suggests, to have multiple SMBs run on the same PKI while remaining isolated from one another and allowing them to be private and secure.


How Does Multi-Tenant PKI Work?

SecureW2 makes it possible for MSPs to have multiple organizations running on the same PKI. Our CloudRADIUS allows multiple tenants to use one RADIUS server, where each organization has their own directory which is isolated from the other organizations.

The new multi-tenant cloud PKI, through our Dynamic Policy Engine, enforces policies by directly referencing user attributes in the directory. This allows the RADIUS to maintain complete resource isolation between organizations while still servicing several directories.


Multi-Tenant PKI Isolation

As more organizations make the decision to adopt a shared infrastructure model to reduce cost and increase efficiency. They also take on the challenge of making sure that tenants are prevented from accessing other tenant’s resources.

With SecureW2’s Cloud-RADIUS, every tenant’s PKI is isolated from each other. Each tenant can have their own policies set to restrict network access that is tied to their user identity. Along with policies, authentication requests are also separated by organizations. Once given access, the individual tenant is given scoped access that allows them to access only the specific resources that are set for their organization and policy thereof.


The Best PKI for MSPs

A PKI can be an expensive investment, especially since it often requires a trained IT staff to develop and maintain – which leads to high maintenance costs as well. Because of this, a PKI can be out of reach for some SMBs causing them to turn to MSPs for a solution.

MSPs that use FreeRADIUS are often lacking features that are required to manage multiple PKIs and offer few integrations with other cloud services.

SecureW2’s CloudRADIUS solves this problem and can allow MSPs to use a multi-tenant PKI to manage all their SMBs all from a single account that can securely manage multiple customers.

SecureW2 has an industry-leading managed cloud PKI service that is simple and can get you off and running in a few clicks, click here to see our pricing form.

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