ESG’s Report on Cloud-driven Identities

Earlier this year, Rapid7 sponsored an initiative in which analyst group ESG conducted in-depth research to determine current trends in Identity and Access Management (IAM) and consolidated their findings in a report.

With the goals of understanding how cloud adoption is influencing IAM strategies and gaining insight into IAM challenges and threats associated with cloud usage, ESG surveyed 379 IT and cybersecurity professionals working for organizations in North America who are personally responsible for evaluating or purchasing IAM and cloud security technology products and services. 

ESG’s research uncovered some interesting trends. Notably, but not surprisingly, they found that because organizations need to secure access to a diverse range of applications, maintaining IAM policy consistency is one of their greatest challenges. Within this finding, the ESG report notes the underlying need for some of the main functions that DivvyCloud by Rapid7’s new Cloud IAM Governance module provides. For example, organizations reported that approximately 30 percent of their cloud identities have overly permissive access. This is a huge problem because overly permissive access creates unnecessary vulnerability and increases the likelihood of a data breach. Read the full report here.

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