Advanced Bot Protection Handling More Traffic Than Ever

It’s been six months since we launched the Advanced Bot Protection solution as fully integrated into Imperva’s Application Security platform. Previously, the Advanced Bot Protection solution lived on a separate platform, known as the ‘Distil’ platform, from our acquisition of Distil Networks. Existing Distil customers are quickly migrating to the new platform to reap the benefits of better performance and efficacy, while new customers are being added faster than previously. These migrations are still ongoing but today, we are delighted that there is now more traffic being protected by Advanced Bot Protection on the integrated Application Security platform than was ever on the legacy ‘Distil’ platform.

Covid and Bad Bots

The bot problem is bigger than ever. Our Bad Bot Report illustrated that during 2019, an increasing 24.1% of traffic was made up of malicious automation. Put that together with the increase in internet traffic created by more workers being at home during lockdown during 2020, and the impact of bots cannot be underestimated. Credential stuffing attacks are on the rise as bot operators use bad bots to gain unauthorised access to user accounts.

Removing Bad Bots Improves Business Metrics

Businesses see an immediate impact after removing malicious automated traffic from their website, mobile apps, and APIs. The improvement in business metrics like conversions for ecommerce transactions, look-to-book ratios for airlines, or account fraud is enough to impress most. But the additional benefit of a reduction of infrastructure costs associated with serving traffic to bad bots is also providing valuable ROI while improving the security of your website.

Improving Efficacy Improves KPIs

As Imperva continues to invest in improving detection methods to identify bad bots, the results are evident to long standing customers. The KPIs that are tracked by these businesses are seeing significant improvements as these new techniques are deployed. Many businesses are seeing a 60-80% jump in the metrics they track as a result of more bots being blocked by Imperva’s Advanced Bot Protection.

Performance Matters

New customers are also seeing an additional benefit when deploying the new Advanced Bot Protection solution. The page loading speed is significantly faster because the Imperva platform comes with the performance advantage of a fast content delivery network.

Security at the Speed of Attacks

Attacks today are almost always by automation or bots of some description. By offering protection from volumetric denial of service attacks, bot abuse, magecart attacks, and all the attacks listed on the OWASP Top 10 on websites and APIs, Imperva is helping businesses by providing security that works as fast as the attackers. In today’s business climate, automated attacks require automated solutions. But because the bot problem is an arms race, the need for human expertise in helping in the fight against sophisticated bot operators is also vital.

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