XM Cyber and Cyber Guards Work Together to Deliver Unparalleled Cyber Security Assessments, Risk Management and Incident Response

Working Together Gives Customers On-Demand Access to Advanced Security Posture Management Platform

HERZLIYA, Israel, October 26, 2020 — XM Cyber, the multi-award-winning leader in breach and attack simulation (BAS) and advanced security posture management platform, today announced its new partnership with Cyber Guards allowing much more flexibility in how customers engage the product.

Cyber Guards, based in Memphis, TN, now incorporates XM Cyber into its service offerings, including cyber security assessments, managed security, and incident response. The addition of XM Cyber to these programs expands the overall capability and depth of these services and creates a strong security posture improvement program that prioritize security activities based on potential impact.

“Not all organizations want to manage and build the staff required to fully defend against the growing number of cyber attackers,” says John McCabe, Vice President of Channels and Alliances for XM Cyber. “Through Cyber Guards, customers can now take advantage of XM Cyber’s patented attack simulation and vulnerability assessment capabilities while relying on Cyber Guards highly skilled team for execution and remediation.”

By safely simulating attacks 24/7, XM Cyber exposes real-life security issues that arise from vulnerabilities, human error and misconfigurations. Additionally, recommendations to remediate issues are provided and prioritized based on importance and relation to the customer’s most critical assets. By helping businesses to constantly improve their security posture, XM Cyber reduces costs and allows security teams to focus on the most critical issues, all while lowering exposure and risk.

“Our customers need to see that we have helped them reduce risk by eliminating potential security breaches,” says Erik Holmes, CEO of Cyber Guards. “By partnering with XM Cyber, we give customers the best tools available for understanding how a hacker would attempt to reach their most critical assets. It’s a win-win-win for us all.”

Cyber Guards offers comprehensive cyber security to help organizations with risk assessment and security project road mapping; 24/7 security monitoring, detection, and response; fully managed cyber security programs and security validation testing.

“Especially in these trying times, customers are more cautious and looking for new ways to consume products and services,” says McCabe. “By moving the upfront burden of purchasing an attack simulation solution from a capital expense to an operating expense, customers can reduce risk and cost.”

For more information about the combined program, visit xmcyber.com or cyberguardsusa.com.