Two Security Metrics that Speak to Your Stakeholders

Cybersecurity awareness extends beyond IT, and to be effective you need the ability to communicate about your security posture in a language everyone can understand – from c-suite to CISO.  Frontline.Cloud™ vulnerability and threat management solutions are designed for this purpose. Two proprietary features that make communicating security metrics to business stakeholders refreshingly simple are the Frontline Security GPA® security rating and the Frontline Insight™ peer comparison report.

Security GPA – Security Rating

Frontline.Cloud uses an easy-to-understand metric that resonates with every level of security expertise. The Frontline Security GPA® is a simple security rating that reflects even the smallest improvements as your team continually assesses your vulnerabilities and performs the necessary remediation.
Security GPA is presented in the Frontline Active View dashboard as both a letter and a numerical grade. Trending GPA scores demonstrate historical risk assessments and tracks your team’s efforts over time. Frontline determine severity of the vulnerabilities discovered in your environment, evaluates how those affect your assets, and uses that information to calculate your Security GPA. The result is a more accurate assessment of your security posture that is easy-to-consume and familiar to most everyone.

Figure 1: Trending Security GPA (left) & Current Security GPA (above)

Frontline Insight™ – Peer Comparisons

Once your stakeholders know your Security GPA, the next question is often “How we doing compared to our peers and competitors?” which is crucial in putting your security efforts in perspective. Knowing how your company stacks up against companies of similar size and/or industry helps set the context for your real-word risk. Additionally, metrics that indicate your organization’s security program exceeds industry standards presents a competitive edge.

Figure 2: Security GPA by Vertical Industry

The Frontline Insight Report in Frontline.Cloud compares your Security GPA against your peers in Frontline.Cloud. It provides additional statistical data including top 5 vulnerabilities and time to remediate vulnerabilities across your industry, business size, or revenue size. Peer comparisons help establish standards, and demonstrate to stakeholders that you and your team are meeting or exceeding the standards in your sector.

Security GPA Trending Info pic 10.29.20

Figure 3: Comparison of Top 5 vulnerabilities by Vertical

Security GPA Critical Severity Top 5 pic 10.29.20

Figure 4: Trending Peer Comparison by Vertical

Informed Business Decisions

Business leaders rely on metrics that clearly convey status or progress towards a goal. Communicating your security posture to your stakeholders is no different. Use the Frontline Security GPA as the benchmark your stakeholders recognize as the measure of your security posture, and use Frontline Insight peer comparisons to provide valuable context. Security ratings and peer comparison data not only help business leaders validate security spend, and guide decisions regarding budget and resources, they can also help your organization stand out against the competition.

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