Tala wins “Transaction Security Solution of the Year” in 2020 Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards

Tala recognized as a breakthrough leader in preventing fraud caused by website vulnerabilities.


Tala is proud to have won the overall Transaction Security Solution of the Year in the 2020 Cybersecurity Breakthrough awards. With over 3700 nominations from all over the world, competition was strong and we are proud to have been judged “breakthrough” leaders. 

Tala’s early success has been driven by the excellence of our products and solutions. This has required a significant investment in R&D, Engineering and Product Development. Our commitment to transforming web and application security is reflected and recognized in the accolades we’ve received: RSA Innovation Sandbox Finalist 2020, Tag Cyber Distinguished Vendor 2020, CNP Awards 2020 and Gartner Cool Vendor 2019. And now we can add Cybersecurity Breakthrough to the list. 

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Tala Security: Preventing fraud caused by website vulnerabilities

Formjacking/Magecart – the injection of malicious script into a targeted web page to steal user data submitted via forms, such as payment card details – has emerged as the  dominant attack method targeting personal financial information. Attacks involving Magecart, formjacking, card skimmers and ad injections have resulted in cyberfraud, lost business, credential theft and other sensitive data breaches costing customers and enterprises millions of dollars in fraud, compensation, brand damage, regulatory fines  and class-action lawsuits. High-profile brands like TicketMaster, British Airways and Sears have all experienced attacks like this.

Research shows that, while 92% of the Alexa 1000 top sites use forms to collect user information, that data is exposed to an average of 17 third-party domains – an order of magnitude more than the 1.6 domains intended. As enterprises increasingly outsource critical components of their code for services such as shopping carts, the exposure to attack is now significant. 

Tala Security’s breakthrough approach to online fraud prevention

Tala’s unique approach to online fraud prevention is centred around the automation of precise, fine-grained policies and controls capable of dealing with evolving cyberfraud attacks, not just detecting and blocking known techniques, such as Magecart.

To do this, Tala’s patented AI-powered automation engine applies a comprehensive set of web security standards and controls, including Content Security Policy (CSP), SRI, HSTS,  feature policy, referrer policy, trusted types, and clear-site-data  to protect against the most extensive range of client-side attacks, including Magecart, cross-site scripting, clickjacking, formjacking, session re-directs and more. No other solution provider in this emerging space  offers similar breadth of coverage to safeguard websites against attacks targeting Card Not Present fraud

Taking this new, wider approach ensures future-proof protection that’s far more resilient to zero-day threats than alternative approaches. Critically for online enterprises, Tala’s activation of these browser-native controls ensures that this is achieved with zero impact on website performance. 

Web security standards without the overheads

While most enterprises recognize the effectiveness of implementing security standards and controls, many struggle to implement and maintain them. Tala’s unique automation engine is genuinely transformative in this regard, eliminating the technical expertise and operational overhead required. Our engine automatically formulates the most precise policies to protect the individual website, based on page artifacts, script behavior and user device features. Dynamic policy application makes it easy to work with today’s ‘continuous delivery’ model, in which applications are updated on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Traditional application security mechanisms do not integrate well into this model.  

Tala’s unique approach to online fraud prevention has already earned recognition for Best Anti-Fraud Solution in the Card Not Present Customer Choice and Judges Choice awards for 2020. We are delighted to add the Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award for Best Transaction Security Solution 2020 to the list.  

To find out more about the risks specific to your organization, Tala can provide a Website Risk Analysis to highlight client-side vulnerabilities on your web properties. Tala advocates both understanding risk and enabling standards-based, browser-native controls. We help organizations deploy and dynamically tune these capabilities to ensure continuous client-side security, with zero impact on performance.











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