Snyk and PerimeterX Partner to Address Open Source JavaScript Risk Increasingly Common in Web Applications

Snyk integration enables PerimeterX Code Defender users to find and fix open source JavaScript vulnerabilities in web applications, shortening mean time to mitigation and reducing the risk of client-side data breaches

SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PerimeterX, the leading provider of application security solutions that keep digital businesses safe, and developer-first security company Snyk, today announced a technology alliance partnership that solves the growing number of open source vulnerabilities found in web applications, to help businesses minimize exposure to risk and data breaches.

Together, PerimeterX and Snyk provide a complete view of open source risk in web applications to reduce mean time to mitigate and improve collaboration between application security and development teams.

“By partnering with the industry leading vendor for open source vulnerabilities, PerimeterX is ensuring that our customers have access to the most accurate and timely information to mitigate web application vulnerabilities in real time. The PerimeterX Code Defender runtime behavioral analysis and mitigation across first-, third- and Nth-party scripts combined with comprehensive and actionable JavaScript vulnerability data from Snyk provides users a quick path to remediation,” said Ido Safruti, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, PerimeterX.

The need for efficiency and speed in developing web applications is driving increasing adoption of open source and containers. However, in attempting to expedite development by leveraging open source, code reuse and third-party scripts, enterprises face greater potential for risk. The Snyk 2020 State of Open Source Security Report found that the bulk of the open source vulnerabilities discovered are considered to be high severity. Furthermore, according to PerimeterX, as much as 70% of a typical website code is third-party scripts.

PerimeterX Code Defender will integrate with the Snyk Intel Vulnerability Database to give application security teams a complete view of open source vulnerabilities in web applications, shortening mean time to mitigation and reducing the possibility of client-side data breaches and non-compliance.

“Snyk’s new partnership with PerimeterX not only provides an automated, holistic view of vulnerabilities, but it also opens the door to quick, easy fixes and ongoing monitoring,” said Geva Solomonovich, CTO of Global Alliances, Snyk. “The Snyk database includes the most current, comprehensive, actionable vulnerability data in the market. With developers able to make meaningful security decisions early in development, collaboration and efficiency between application security and development teams soars.”

About Snyk Intel
Widely adopted because of its timely and accurate data, Snyk Intel combines automated machine learning with expert analysis maintained by a dedicated Snyk research team. In addition to PerimeterX, Red Hat, Docker, Google Chrome Lighthouse and the Linux Foundation embed Snyk Intel vulnerability data into their products to identify critical vulnerabilities in open source dependencies and container images.

About PerimeterX Code Defender
PerimeterX Code Defender is a client-side application security solution that continuously protects websites from digital skimming, formjacking and Magecart attacks, stopping data breaches and reducing the risk of non-compliance. It uses behavioral analysis and advanced machine learning to automatically detect vulnerable Shadow Code scripts, suspicious PII access and data leakage from users’ browsers. With Code Defender, businesses can reduce the risk of data breaches and compliance penalties while improving operational efficiency.

About Snyk
Snyk is a developer-first security company that helps software-driven businesses develop fast and stay secure. Snyk is the only solution that seamlessly and proactively finds and fixes vulnerabilities and license violations in open source dependencies and container images. Snyk’s solution is built on a comprehensive, proprietary vulnerability database, maintained by an expert security research team in Israel and London. With tight integration into existing developer workflows, source control (including GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab), and CI/CD pipelines, Snyk enables efficient security workflows and reduces mean-time-to-fix. For more information or to get started with Snyk for free today, visit

About PerimeterX
PerimeterX is the leading provider of application security solutions that keep digital businesses safe. Delivered as a service, the company’s Bot Defender, Code Defender and Page Defender solutions detect risks to your web applications and proactively manage them, freeing you to focus on growth and innovation. The world’s largest and most reputable websites and mobile applications count on PerimeterX to safeguard their consumers’ digital experience. PerimeterX is headquartered in San Mateo, California and at