Q&A: Conversion Rate & Revenue Protection

With the holiday shopping season at our doorstep, e-commerce sites and digital businesses are finalizing their plans to maximize their revenue for Q4 2020. But there are obstacles that face each of these businesses year-round that can make a particularly negative impact on one’s bottom line. PerimeterX expert Reesha Dedhia previously spoke on episode 5 of the PerimeterX Podcast about coupon extensions, ad injections, fraudulent affiliate fees, and other challenges facing e-commerce and digital businesses. Now, Reesha returns with fresh metrics and insights from a collaborative report between PerimeterX and Aberdeen Group. These takeaways help to better understand the effects of these challenges on modern businesses. Listen to the full podcast audio here.

Reesha, you previously joined us to talk about the challenges of coupon extensions and ad injections to e-commerce businesses. Today, we’re here to talk about the impact of these extensions. How do we begin to understand how to quantify the business impact of coupon extensions and ad injections on e-commerce merchants?

Reesha: We took the approach to partner with third-party research group Aberdeen, and together we conducted a study to quantify the business impact of coupon extensions and ad injections on e-commerce merchants. Today, I’d like to talk through some of that analysis. For e-commerce merchants, sustainable financial success depends in large part on their visibility and their mastery over a traditional funnel model for generating revenue. What does that funnel look like? Let’s look at the four stages.

This funnel starts with the awareness stage, and this is about attracting new customers and potential buyers to visit the merchant’s website. Next, we go to the interest phase. You’ve started with awareness bringing customers to the site. Now, you need to provide compelling ways for site visitors to both identify and actively engage with items (Read more...)

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