Microsoft Azure job outlook


The business world is relocating to the cloud and the trend is strong. It has been predicted that by the end of 2020, 83% of all businesses will be in the cloud and by 2021, the percentage of workloads processed in cloud data centers will reach 94%. By 2022, cloud services will be three times the size of the overall IT services provided. The future is cloud-based, and the COVID-19 pandemic will only strengthen this trend.

For those wanting to get on the cloud bandwagon, earning a certification hosted by a major cloud service provider is one of the first steps in this career path and the Microsoft Azure Certification is what you want to pursue this career path. 

This article will explore Microsoft Azure, which is currently the second most popular cloud service provider but is steadily catching up to the top provider, Amazon AWS. This article will dive in and give you a close look at the job outlook for Microsoft Azure and will help you determine if this is the career path for you.

Microsoft Azure is in demand

Simply put, those with Microsoft Azure certifications are in demand. Organizations are attracted to Microsoft Azure because of its security features, flexibility and ability to scale. More to this point, organizations will pay you quite well compared to other non-cloud-based IT roles. These organizations will pay those with a Microsoft Azure certification well over $100,000 per year on average, which is over 30% higher than the average IT pay. 

Education for a job using Microsoft Azure

One of the first things you may ask is how much education do you need for a Microsoft Azure job. Aside from the Microsoft certification, most organizations are looking for at least some kind of degree. Below are the (Read more...)

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