Tripwire Enterprise is a powerful tool. It provides customers insight into nearly every aspect of their systems and devices. From change management to configuration and compliance, Tripwire can provide “eyes on” across the network.

Gathering that vast amount of data for analysis does not come without challenges. Customers have asked for better integration with their processes and third-party tools. With Tripwire Enterprise Integration Framework (TEIF), Tripwire has been able to provide customers the ability to integrate with their Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools and ITIL Change Management Systems (CMS).

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Customers have been able to expand the value of their data by sending logs to a SIEM for analysis as well as allowing for the automatic reconciliation of changes and the creation of incidents in a CMS such as ServiceNow and Remedy. Can more be done? How can Tripwire Enterprise help the DevOPS team, SecDevOPS or any other group that asks?

Enter Tripwire Custom Workflow Automation.

What is Tripwire Custom Workflow Automation?

Tripwire Custom Workflow Automation (TWCA) is a solution that allows our customers and consultants the ability to create unique workflows where they can utilize all their existing solutions and Tripwire products without requiring extensive programming experience.

TWCA’s functionality can be expanded with ‘plugins’ which can be created by savvy customers or Tripwire consultants. It’s this functionality that makes the Tripwire Workflow Automation so powerful and flexible. If there is a need for some functionality that isn’t already available, a public interface is provided that anyone can use to add additional workflow steps.

First, it is XML-based, making it easy to read. It is also modular in design, allowing for easy expansion, as well as feature-rich out of the box. Lastly, it provides a Public Module Interface, allowing customers to create their own modules.

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