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In case you haven’t heard, Apple®’s latest operating system upgrade, macOS® 11 Big Sur, contains some new features that will require big changes for IT administrators and managed service providers (MSPs). Namely, Apple requires a mobile device management (MDM) solution for Big Sur Mac® devices.

As such, many are searching for a hosted MDM solution. If you’re in that boat — or if you’re now wondering if you should be — you’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover everything from the basics to what features you should consider in your search.

How MDM Has Changed Over Time

MDM solutions are a critical and efficient way for IT organizations to manage their fleet of devices.

This trend started many years ago as MDM solutions emerged to manage iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. At the time, they were a strong complement to system management tools such as Microsoft SCCM (previously known as SMS).

Over time, though, organizations began using devices on a variety of operating systems. As the devices diversified, the management solutions had to evolve in kind. These device management solutions then began to expand to include Mac®, Windows®, and even Linux® devices.

For a time, many of these MDM solutions required IT admins and MSPs to set up on-premises servers to manage and maintain the software themselves.

But this brought limitations that, especially in an increasingly remote-driven world, just don’t work for most organizations. Thus, as with most other IT management software, MDM solutions are now migrating to be hosted in the cloud and delivered as a service.

Top Features of A Hosted MDM Solution

As admins and MSPs embark on their search for an MDM solution, many will try to determine what solution is best for them.

Of course, a hosted MDM solution, at this point, is compulsory, but what other features are critical? Every organization is different, but the list below may help narrow the field and surface core requirements in an MDM solution.

Here are some of the top features admins and MSPs should consider.

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