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SBN Beyond Speed and Reliability: Security Is a New Differentiator

Homes have always been hubs; now they’re even more so. Some jobs shifted to work from home, and many children are experiencing distance learning at bedroom desks or kitchen tables or whatever is available. Traditional workplaces like large businesses, government agencies, and other organizations have resources to manage security, but most families and small and midsize businesses (SMBs) don’t, even though they’re exposed to similar threats.

Now there’s a need — and an opportunity — to deliver consistent global security protections that extend into homes and SMBs. Internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile network operators (MNOs) can build on the power of their networks to deliver safe and secure internet, anywhere it’s needed in the regions they serve. A number of new developments from Akamai help support this important effort.

SPS Shield is built on the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform to make it easier for providers to offer foundational security defenses for all of their residential and SMB customers network-wide. A simplified integration effort and easy customer onboarding decrease time to market and minimize initial and ongoing overhead and investment. SPS Shield makes it easy for subscribers, too: There’s no software or hardware installation and all their devices are covered.


A 2019 survey by the National Small Business Association (NSBA) revealed internet security is one of the biggest technology challenges SMBs face. At the same time, as part of its 2020 Top 10 SMB Technology Trends, the SMB Group reported mobile is an essential enabler, and 75% of SMBs are investing in or planning to invest in mobile technologies. 

SPS Remote, an optional feature of SPS Secure Business, is a new thin client for iOS and Android devices that is designed to protect workers on untrusted Wi-Fi networks. Also built on the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform, SPS Remote is a monetizable service that gives providers control over the business model and pricing. Turnkey development only requires the specification of look-and-feel design elements to create a fully-branded, customer-ready application.

Akamai’s carrier organization is also executing a new direction to further enhance security and safety with innovative technology deployed on customer premises equipment (CPE) that improves threat visibility and control and enhances the in-home and in-business user experience. Roll out of these new capabilities will start at the end of 2020, with successive layers of features introduced throughout 2021. 

Akamai is heavily engaged with ISPs and MNOs worldwide. New products like SPS Shield and SPS Remote allow providers to respond quickly in today’s fast-changing world and demonstrate a commitment to protecting subscribers at a time when everyone is challenged and stressed. Best of all, there’s an opportunity to move beyond speed and reliability, and differentiate based on security. Click here to learn more.

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