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Automate employee life cycle management with the ADManager Plus-Ultipro integration

Enterprise employee management is inherently challenging. On average, an IT administrator spends several hours to create user identities in Active Directory (AD) and grant role-based access to relevant business applications. Profile updates that reflect address and role changes, including employee exits, are additional responsibilities that can fall under the employee management umbrella. For many IT security teams, these requests are received regularly, and not always politely.

“‌This is Jim from the Finance Department. My new teammate started today and he needs access right away. I can’t believe this hasn’t been done already, but you guys need to get on top of it. Just give him the same access as Dan, and do it now!”

In addition to fielding frantic calls from team managers, system administrators often collaborate with human resources (HR) teams, and work on an ad hoc basis to provision accounts for new hires and cleanup accounts when employees leave. Because they are separate departments in an organization, there can be a significant time gap before requests can be addressed. This delay can present security risks and cause poor employee experiences.

By integrating human resources management system (HRMS) applications with your Active Directory (AD), Exchange, Office 365, and other platforms, you can synchronize data stored in the HRMS employee information fields with corresponding fields in AD.

ManageEngine ADManager Plus’ now integrates with Ultipro, the cloud-based human capital management (HCM) software system that aims to improve the efficiency and security of the employee onboarding, modification, and offboarding process.

The benefits of this integration are:

  • Streamlined employee onboarding:

Automating user provisioning eliminates time-consuming onboarding operations, freeing up time for IT administrators to address other pressing tasks. This integration facilitates automatic provisioning of accounts in AD, Office 365, Exchange, Skype for Business, and G Suite.

  • Synchronize updates in the HR system with AD:

When employees change teams or locations, the IT team has to modify the properties of their accounts. By integrating ADManager Plus with Ultipro, modifications in the employee fields in the Ultipro automatically trigger changes in the corresponding attributes in AD.

  • Mitigate potential compromise of former employees’ accounts:

Dormant accounts can go unnoticed for a long time, and it is important to identify and remove these accounts as quickly as possible to eliminate potential attacks. This integration enables automated deprovisioning of accounts of former employees.

  • Keep your stakeholders informed via real-time alerts:  

Notify team managers or employees via email or SMS alerts about important changes, such as user accounts being created, modified, or deleted. You can also gain insights into accounts created, deleted, and modified with the help of prepackaged reports.

Here are the instructions to set up Ultipro integration with ADManager Plus.

If you want our in-house technical expert to demonstrate the benefits of using ADManager Plus, we are just an email or call away.

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