Akamai Launches New Digital Badge Program for Channel Partners

Partner enablement framework provides capabilities to manage customer lifecycle from prospecting through implementation for Akamai products.

We are introducing digital badges for successful completion of partner enablement certifications. This is an opportunity for Akamai Partner professionals to showcase their skills related to Akamai products and markets-: Cloud and Enterprise Security, -Web & Mobile Performance, and Media Delivery. 

Our new advanced services curriculums and certifications educate partners on how to manage the services required to execute proof of concepts (POCs) and configurations post-sale, providing partners with additional revenue streams and greater control over the total cost to customers. The services certifications are an element of our advanced enablement curriculum and mentoring post-certification that empower partners to build pipeline; manage faster sales cycles, solutions, and scope opportunities; and demonstrate how Akamai and our partners have the products to address customer needs.

Our overall partner enablement framework is product- and persona-based with two levels of certification available.  Earlier this year we offered partners basic curriculums across 12 products and three personas. 

Personas:         Sales, Pre-sales, and Support engineers  

Products:          KSD, WAP, PLX, PIM, AIC, Ion, IVM, mPulse, EAA, ETP, BotMan, and Edge DNS

We are building on that foundation to release our advanced curriculums now, launching six products with learning paths for three personas.  Additional product curriculums for the three personas will be launched in 2021.

Personas:                                    Sales, Pre-sales, and Solution architects  

Products launching in 2020:      KSD, WAP, Ion, EAA, ETP, and BotMan

Akamai has partnered with Credly, the digital credentialing leader, to provide digital badges. Once the certification is complete,  Credly will send an email invitation to log into their website and claim the badge, which partners can then display in their email signature, electronic copy of a resume, or posts on social media platforms. People who view the digital badge can see qualifications, credentials, and details on how the badge was earned.

For further details, partners can log into the partner portal and review the Digital Badges page under Training and Certifications or reach out to [email protected]. 

Our partners’ demand for Akamai enablement is a testament to the joint value we can provide to customers. We are pleased to now have a program that broadly communicates the investment partners make in building capabilities related to Akamai products.

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