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The world has gone mobile crazy. It seems as though no one can live without their smartphone, and Android dominates the scene with over 85% market share. With that kind of reach into the world population, it’s the obvious platform of choice to attack. And with WFH, all organizations need to be prepared. Join Kyle Benac, noted mobile security expert as he gives you a hands-on tour of his creation, InjuredAndroid, a vulnerable Android application with CTF examples based on bug bounty findings, exploitation concepts, and pure creativity in this FREE EH-Net Live! webinar on Thurs Sept 24, 2020 at 1:00 PM EDT. Join us live to receive certificates for easy submission of CPEs!

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Agenda for “Android Hacking Proving Ground”:

Note: Subject to Change
  • Intro by Don Donzal, EH-Net Editor-in-Chief
  • Bios – Kyle Benac
  • Presentation
    • The Mobile Security Landscape
    • Attacking, Defending and Bug Hunting Android
    • The Skinny on InjuredAndroid
    • Live Demos
    • Career Aspects
    • Resources
  • Special Offer
  • Q&A

Although this is a free event, registration is required. Our virtual doors to the webinar open 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Feel free to invite your friends and colleagues!

EH-Net Live! September 2020 – Guest Bio

Kyle Benac (aka @B3nac) currently works as a full time Security Researcher at Acronis SCS. Prior to this, he obtained his Bachelors of Science in Software Development and Security while active duty Air Force. He really enjoys hacking Android applications and participating in bug bounty programs. He is the creator of the InjuredAndroid Capture the Flag (CTF) training application and developer of HackerOne’s BountyPay Android application. Kyle is listed as a Top Contributor for the OWASP mobile security testing guide (Read more...)

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