Tufinnovate EMEA 2020

To kick off Tufinnovate EMEA, we heard from the first customer to implement all four products of the Tufin Orchestration Suite to achieve comprehensive security policy management across their hybrid network and within their Kubernetes clusters. He began by outlining the challenges his organization faced prior to implementing Tufin, such as low productivity and team efficiency due to manual processes, a large attack surface due to human error and lack of visibility, and the burden of coordinating connectivity across network, security, data, cloud, compliance and development teams. Their firewall and security group rule change process was filled with dependencies across departments and was best described as “painful.”  

They chose Tufin for a number of reasons, most notability for its centralized multi-vendor visibility and automation, application-level abstraction, and non-invasive cloud controls. Their goal was for their Tufin deployment to grow with the network: start with topology, advance to automation, move to application-level view, and finally expand to the cloud. They also needed to democratize network security to manage and coordinate the shared responsibility across the organization and provide guardrails for the network and cloud teams.  

The result: the customer was able to increase agility to support digital transformation.

With their Tufin deployment, they were able to:

  • Provision access changes in minutes instead of weeks, freeing up more time for other projects  
  • Complete audits literally in minutes by granting compliance teams direct access to the Tufin platform
  • Increase visibility across the hybrid network to remove blind spots, including visibility of Kubernetes cluster access
  • Simplify connectivity administration by managing at an application level and letting Tufin translate all application connectivity requirements to device-level requirements

And that’s not all! On the cloud side, with their use of SecureCloud, they were able to:

  • Centralize and coordinate access management across on-prem (Read more...)

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