Tufinnovate Americas 2020: the new normal

Tufinnovate is back for its fourth year, and this year our annual user conference is taking place virtually. To kick off the event, we heard from CEO Ruvi Kitov on how moving to a fully remote team impacted Tufin customers. Many organizations needed to get thousands of employees working remotely within days. One customer shared, “We were asked to do in two weeks, what was planned to take two years.”  

To enable the transition to work from home, many organizations put the rulebook to the side and did things differently this time. As we heard from customers during the panel discussion, those who leveraged Tufin prior to the shift were able to meet the challenge and ensure that their new normal is as secure as it was pre-Covid.

Ruvi wrapped up his session by asking the question, “Where will we – and our customers – be five years from now?”

All large organizations will have a hybrid network and use multi-cloud, making their environments even more complex and fragmented than they are today. Our focus is to simplify and manage hybrid network complexity across all platforms: multi-vendor and multi-cloud (on-prem, private cloud, and public cloud). Tufin will also continue to deliver advanced automation to support business agility. Tufin is developing other innovative solutions as well, but we can’t give away all our secrets!

Are firewalls going away?

Next up, CTO Reuven Harrison takes on the controversial question, “Are firewalls going away?”

Over the last several years, there has been an ongoing debate about the relevance of firewalls as security controls and the argument that the industry should move away from firewalls and embrace application security as the solution.

Where do we see firewalls? There are firewalls at the perimeter, internal firewalls to segment between zones, firewalls (Read more...)

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