Powerfully Simple SOAR for Service Providers [Video]

Security service providers require a software-driven foundation to deliver high-quality services that impress customers. But building this foundation for your business shouldn’t take you years of effort and massive investments in software development. 

Siemplify has already spent over five years building an industry-leading platform for service providers like you to manage your security operations. Our cloud-native Security Operations Platform is being used by SecOps teams at service providers of all shapes and sizes globally. Similar to how modern sales teams need a “” platform to operate, service provider SOC teams are subscribing to Siemplify as the SOAR platform to power operations. 

Need to see it to believe it? The following video demo showcases the key highlights that can help service providers manage a diversity of customers, automatically triage alerts, better investigate cases, integrate more technologies, communicate with each other and escalate crisis-level incidents. 

Here are the main highlights of this product overview video for security service providers: 

Multi-Tenancy and Painless Customer Onboarding: Siemplify shortens the time-to-value for your new customers. Our multi-tenancy feature allows you to provide tailored services for individual customers without adding cost and complexity. 

Remote Agents and Integrations Per Tenant: Siemplify’s flexible, cloud-native architecture connects you to your customer’s local environment by using remote agents. Importantly, using remote agents eliminates the need to manage VPN connections for each customer network. 

Dashboard Views: Once the data is flowing, you can begin viewing aggregated customer data in the ‘Dashboards’ section. You have control over what is shared with the customer, and adding this level of transparency will build trust and improve customer retention. 

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Playbook Monitoring & Management: The engine that is needed to drive automation is building accurate playbooks. Siemplify has over 200 integrations and a large partner ecosystem, so you can build virtually any playbook no matter how complex your customer’s technology stack is. Workflows can also integrate with your customer’s ticketing systems such as ServiceNow, Jira, or CA Service Desk so that they can manage responses to these questions on their side. 

Out-of-the-Box Use Case Marketplace: To get started with playbooks, Siemplify provides out-of-the-box use cases within our Marketplace with playbooks that are ready for you to deploy. You can also create your own use cases and sell them as an add-on service.  

Case Management: The result of setting up your customer’s integrations and playbooks will yield much more effective case management. Under ‘Cases,’ you will see a list of cases from across your customers. Your analysts can filter that list for a certain customer and investigate it, and when necessary, you can share high-priority cases with that customer to access. 

Customer Experience: When your customers login to a branded version of Siemplify, they get complete visibility into your managed operations. When your customer receives a case from you, they will see an update in the ‘User Notifications’ area which can be sent via email, a ticketing system integration, or a text message. While in the case they have visibility of everything you have done to this point and can continue to chat and tag you in cases by simply @mentioning your analysts. 

Crisis Management: Aside from routine operations, the Siemplify platform also helps you handle crisis-level incidents which will require your customers to put “all hands on deck”. Accomplish this through the Command Center module, which you can also package as an add-on service for your customers.

Cross-Customer Threat Intelligence: Siemplify also enables you to aggregate entity-based threat data so you can draw conclusions for the benefit of your entire customer base. This is a differentiated value proposition for any service provider in the business and one that is made powerfully simple by our platform. 

Business Intelligence: Finally, Siemplify offers a powerful, embedded business intelligence module, powered by Tableau, to you and your customers visibility into trends and insights. Long gone are the days of spending hours preparing for your quarterly business reviews (QBRs) Customers can now get reports whenever they want the visibility. 

As you can see, Siemplify has more focus on service providers than any other SOAR vendor. The Siemplify Security Operations Platform provides everything you need to deliver high-value security services at scale while keeping your customers delighted and your margins healthy. 

Dane Disimino is director of product marketing at Siemplify.

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