I thought I needed a new iPad, I was wrong

Yesterday, Apple had their annual announcement with the usual fan-fare. Many a column inch has been analysing the new features and products.

I’ve had my eye on getting a tablet for a while, and when I say tablet, I mean an iPad. The iPad Pro was a bit too pricey and powerful for my needs, but I really didn’t like the thought of an iPad Air with its lightening port. After all, with everything moving to USB-C, do I really want a different cable to lug around (and inevitably lose).

The new iPad air hit the news headlines

But yesterday’s announcement changed all of that. The iPad Air got a significant upgrade, better screen, better processor, and USB-C. In fact, I’d be hard pressed to find a reason for anyone to buy the Pro version. From my vantage point, there are only two reasons to buy the iPad Pro. First would be as a complete laptop replacement and it’ll be your primary machine for all purposes. The second would be just so you can show your friends how much excess money you have to burn.

I found myself on Apple’s website, browsing the various options, seeing which one would suit me best – but then, I stopped. I already have a desktop (iMac), a laptop (work-issued Macbook pro), and a mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 10+) … what void was there in my life that I was desperately trying to fill with a tablet?

Between my three existing devices, there is actually nothing I genuinely need. Sure, when I’m reading a document or watching Netflix on my phone, I sometimes think it would be nicer to have a bigger screen. But then again, the phone is something I can carry with me all the time in my pocket.

In fact, I’m mighty impressed by Samsung’s DEX which provides a desktop experience by simply connecting your phone to any monitor or TV. It doesn’t just mirror your phone to the screen, but actually has a completely different interface which makes it look like a desktop. In fact, I’m writing this very blog on my phone with an external keyboard and trackpad on my monitor and I cannot tell the difference.

The DEX view while composing this blog on my phone.
Who needs a laptop when you have a phone, some peripherals and a dongle?

Maybe I’m becoming more of a digital minimalist in my ever advancing years. But, I just can’t see the value a lot of the new products and devices provide. I mean, just think about the last time you upgraded your phone – other than a better camera, and possibly better screen, was there much actual difference? I’m not talking about a better chip, but did it improve your life or experience in any significant way?

Like many people, I feel conflicted about my relationship with technology. I admire all the benefits, my inner geek craves collecting a ton of items and having server racks taking up a whole room. But the realist in me looks at what I already have – and say, I think I’m good.

*Blogged from my phone, please excuse any typos

** Photo’s added from desktop afterwards because I had to take photos with my camera because my phone was being used in the shot.

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