CSPM Vs. CIEM: Demystifying Two Popular Cloud Security Acronyms

In his first article for the Forbes Technology Council, Ermetic CEO and Co-Founder Shai Morag takes a closer look at cloud security posture management (CSPM) and cloud infrastructure entitlements management (CIEM). These two technologies are often confused with each other but have some key differences.

CSPM, the more established solution, provides key benefits including discovery and identification of cloud workloads and services, generation of alerts when new deployments or changes pose a risk to the cloud environment, hosts or services, and verification that operational activities are being performed as expected.

The newer solution, CIEM, is offered by Ermetic and detects permission gaps between privileges that are required and those that should be removed, graphs and exposes complex overprivileged relationships between identities and roles, provides policy modifications that remove cloud access risks, and detects and alerts on suspicious access activity, privilege escalation and data deletion that may be associated with credential theft or abuse.

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