Combating Malware in 2020: Process, Trends and Tools [Video]

Combating Malware in 2020: Process, Trends and Tools [Video]

Adversaries are continuously honing their skills, planning for their next attack. How to stay one step ahead? The right framework prepares you, the latest data empowers you, and the right tools enable you.

Walking us through these three key elements are SANS instructor Jake Williams (@MalwareJake on Twitter), Svetla Yankova with Google Cloud Security, and Amir Mohammadi, a Cybersecurity Specialist at Authentic8.


Proactive Approach to Malware Analysis

Jake shares the downsides of analyzing malware in a reactive mode, after the attack has been detected. Proactive malware intelligence analysis is a much more reliable way to protect organizations from threats, Jake says, even though these programs tend to be more expensive upfront and present other challenges, like data aggregation.

2020 Malware Trends

Svetla follows with a look at 2020 emerging malware and attack trends and offers practical suggestions on identifying threats that have not yet found its way into the environment.

Risk Mitigation: Prepare for the Worst

Authentic8’s Amir Mohammadi talks about the challenges associated with malware analysis, when malware operators could be watching who is downloading samples and where they are located and potentially deploying landing pages designed to exploit the analyst’s client to infect the network and move laterally within the organization.

Amir compared the job of a malware analyst with that of a bomb disarming and disposal specialist – eventually, something’s bound to go wrong, and it’s crucial to be ready with risk mitigation techniques, tools, and strategies to avoid inadvertently inflicting damage on your people and assets.

Real-life Examples

Both Svetla and Amir offer demos and real-life examples of VirusTotal and Authentic8 Silo for Research to proactively identify threats while protecting your teams and corporate networks without exposure to exploits or revealing your real identity.

View the webinar on-demand here.

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