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Here in the States, we often get our dry cleaning returned on hangers that say “We Love Our Customers.” I once inadvertently brought one into the office (back in the day), and our team displayed it prominently on a shelf, because it’s true. Meeting with customers is the best part of my job here at Akamai. And while there is no substitute for meeting in person, speaking with customers online works well too. That is why I jumped at the opportunity to participate in the Edge Live Americas Virtual Summit to interview one of our customers.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Adobe’s Alex Amado, Vice President of Experience Marketing. He leads the team responsible for major initiatives including Adobe’s annual customer experience conference, which usually takes place in Las Vegas. This year, though, his team had to quickly pivot to bring the event online during the start of the pandemic. They made it happen in four weeks, with help from Akamai. Watch the video to learn more about the very large number of people who viewed the event the day it launched, and subsequently on demand. Also hear Alex’s advice on how to pull off a successful online event within your organization.

Register and then go to > Theater > On-Demand Theater > Americas > Segment 3 — the Adobe portion starts at ~26 minutes in.

My colleague, Nelson Rodriguez, interviewed Technical Architect Dhilip venkatesh Uvarajan, who is responsible for web performance and online customer experience at Lowe’s. In this interview, Dhilip explains what holiday readiness means to Lowe’s, starting with spring sales and Memorial Day. Learn more about how Lowe’s continues to deliver best-in-class experiences to its customers every day. 

Register and then go to > Theater > On-Demand Theater > Americas > Segment 2 — the Lowe’s portion starts at ~28:43.

If you are an Akamai customer and would like to share your success story, please reach out to your engagement manager. I look forward to interviewing more customers. Stay tuned for more case studies being shared here on the blog.

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