So, You Want to Use JumpCloud Policies?

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You recently started using JumpCloud®, or you’ve been on the platform for some time, and just aren’t sure why you should use Policies. 
  • You are shifting to the cloud but have experience using Active Directory (AD) and are familiar with the breadth of Group Policy Objects (GPOs) available to your domain
  • You’re a longtime JumpCloud customer and are extremely well-versed in what Policies are available, and are excitedly awaiting more updates and enhancements. 

Maybe you don’t fit any of those descriptions — but there’s likely still something for all of you here. Maybe you’re not even sure where to begin and are managing Windows® devices for the first time.

Regardless of where you are in your JumpCloud journey, we’re implementing ways to help make your life easier and make remote work happen. Let’s take a step back and review what using Policies within JumpCloud means.

What are Policies in JumpCloud and Why Should You Use Them? 

Policies give you the power to configure specific settings to fit your needs for fleet control, select the system(s) and/or system groups where you’d like to enforce these configurations, and apply the Policy from your Administrator Portal. Most JumpCloud Policies work at the system level, however a few work additionally at the user level if the users are managed in JumpCloud, such as the Mac® Lock Screen Policy.

Policies are extremely useful if you have a set of configurations to apply across your fleet or a list of compliance standards you’d like to implement. Policies are applied to systems when they come online, and continuously checked to enforce the set configurations, to ensure that the systems you manage are in compliance.

You’ll find a number of Policies ready to be used for systems on Windows, Mac or Linux®. Where possible, we develop cross-OS Policies so that if you have a Policy that disables the use of some type of removable media in Windows, you can apply a similar Policy to Mac and Linux systems.

Policies give you the (Read more...)

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