Podcast Episode 18: Video and Search Security

What other video search platforms are there besides YouTube? What privacy concerns should I have when searching the web? Are there any safe search options?

Matthew Pascucci

Author Bio: Matthew Pascucci is a Security Architect, Privacy Advocate and Security Blogger. He holds multiple information security certificates and has had the opportunity to write and speak about cyber security for the past decade. He’s the founder of and can be contacted via his blog, on Twitter @matthewpascucci, or via email [email protected]

Craig J Stadler

Author Bio: Craig J. Stadler is the Founder of his own privacy-focused, multilingual, video search engine bringing you videos from 50+ diverse sources and networks that are non-biased. Craig bootstrapped the business from the ground up being a programmer for 40+ years, specialising in search architecture for 10+ years. Originally founding TV streaming service called CTube back in 2001 many years before YouTube was a ‘thing’.

He’s since gone on to be featured countless times while developing the Petey Vids network being the biggest privacy-focused video search engine and growing! When he’s not coding and developing, you’ll find him collecting classic Tron memorabilia, playing the drums in death metal and grindcore bands for 25+ years and running a retro-movie theatre – Erie Movie House.

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