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SBN Event Logging Across Your Directory with Directory Insights

With this year’s launch of the Directory Insights™ Activity Log, JumpCloud embarked on a data journey with one goal: empower IT teams with complete visibility across their directories to ensure user identities are secure. This includes seeing authentication events for RADIUS, LDAP, SSO/SAML apps, and macOS®, Windows®, and Linux® devices.

IT admins encounter issues daily, from expired passwords, loss of access to resources, onboarding and offboarding employees, configuring directory capabilities or integrating with third party services such as Microsoft 365™, and more. Troubleshooting these issues starts in the Activity Log (or, for some customers, the Directory Insights API). You can learn more about common use cases from our past blog. Different administrator needs require different ways for admins to navigate event data

DevOps Experience

Directory Insights’ Activity Log Development

To better support JumpCloud administrators, we are happy to announce and introduce the Activity Log chart for event drill down, Quick Views, and column customization. 

Chart for Event Drill Down

This chart aggregates event data by time range, highlighting spikes in event frequency and trends. If something in the chart is worth investigating, you can click into the individual time range segment (the corresponding bar) and dig into the specifics in that smaller event window. You can drill down into the event data by weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Quick Views

JumpCloud has defined Quick Views to apply common use case templates with just one click. This feature prepopulates filter and column combinations for you: Click the Quick View dropdown menu to see a list of frequently used administrator scenarios including, all login attempts, all password changes, all user state changes, and all group association changes. On click, the selected option will filter the Activity Log to show events specific to that scenario.

Column Customization

Column customization lets you pick the event attribute data you want to see in the Activity Log. While troubleshooting specific events around a service or event type, you can add columns that display the most important data specific to those event or service types. In doing this, you can (Read more...)

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