Bitdefender, Ranked #1 In AV-Test Results Halfway Into 2020

Winner of its 6th AV-Test Award In 6 Years, Bitdefender Maintains High Detection Accuracy During Pandemic.

The ‘new’ normal triggered a shift in work procedures and personal online habits, which triggered a change in the cyberthreat landscape. Employees began using the same device for office and personal purposes. Laptops used outside the safety of their corporate network posed new opportunities for hackers and new challenges for security vendors.

After kickstarting the year with its 6th AV-Test award in six years, Bitdefender researchers remained focused on adjusting security controls to maintain a high degree of accuracy in our detection as cybercriminals changed tactics to take advantage of the confusion driven by the sudden shift to WFH. Bitdefender remained a frontrunner in independent testing labs throughout 2020, hitting a perfect 6/6 detection score in all three rounds of testing performed since the pandemic started.

Undisputed Leader in AV-Test Independent Testing. 6 Awards in 6 Years.

Since 2014, Bitdefender has received a constant stream of awards for its non-stop progress. Year after year, our solutions proved they maintain the highest detection levels and an effective defense while ensuring device performance and user experience are not affected.

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The latest results published in July 2020 attest to Bitdefender’s ability to maintain the same pace and detect threats throughout the first half of 2020. The latest tests show how Bitdefender maintained detection above the industry average, especially in protection against 0-day malware attacks, including web and e-mail threats (real-world testing). This is particularly relevant during the pandemic, as cybercriminals have increased focus on web and e-mail threats to breach employees’ devices that are now more exposed outside the perimeter of their corporate networks.

Bitdefender has a history of over ten years of participating in AV-Test trials. We’ve watched the methodology evolve to adjust to new cyber threats and security challenges. AV-Test have adjusted their methodology to include real-world protection testing of malicious URLs.

What makes Bitdefender stand out from the competition in independent testing?

Bitdefender maintains a high degree of detection accuracy through state-of-the-art technologies and one of the world’s largest sensor networks. Our technologies are currently used by 38% of all global cybersecurity vendors, amounting to hundreds of millions of sensors worldwide that enable highly accurate and geographically balanced detections. Bitdefender is committed to maintaining 50% of its workforce in R&D and reinvests a large part of its profit back into research and development.


Bitdefender, a machine learning pioneer, introduced its first machine learning detection back in 2008. In 2016, when WannaCry hit, Bitdefender was able to prevent the infection through a machine learning algorithm that had already been present for two years.


At the agent level, Bitdefender packs over 30 prevention, detection, and response layers. For devices removed from the safety provided by their corporate networks, this level of strong agent-based security has become paramount. Essential features in the security stack prevention technologies are machine learning-based antimalware, web threat defenses, including URL filtering, anti-phishing, and antispyware, as well as real-time advanced threat control.

Additional layers, such as hardening technologies and risk analytics further reduce the attack surface and fend off attacks. At the same time, IT admins reconfigure the corporate defense perimeter and update policies to match the new work-from-home model.


This blend of security layers is particularly unique since over 90% of them are built from scratch in Bitdefender labs and therefore designed to work seamlessly together. This approach to consolidated security is particularly effective since all technologies work together in stopping attacks before they can compromise a business.

Leader in Independent Testing Against Advanced Attacks

Bitdefender’s efforts to maintain the highest security levels against even the newest or most sophisticated attacks today are visible not just in AV-Test results, but across all major independent industry testing.

Bitdefender holds a record in testing on AV-Comparatives after ranking #1 in 63% of all testing done since Jan 2018 and achieving a 100% score in their first enhanced real-world detection test. Bitdefender has also recently achieved an outstanding result in MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation of APT29, where it managed to provide the most complete and meaningful coverage of the 19-step attack chain, including actionable alerts. Finally, Bitdefender was one of the only three vendors to achieve Level 1 certification in the recent MRG Effitas, including a 100% detection score against file-less attacks.

Endpoint security was considered the last line of defense. Now it has become the first. Choosing a reliable guardian of your employee devices will give you the precious time you need to focus on navigating your business through these difficult times, without being distracted by an attack that manages to sneak past your defenses.

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