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On the Culture of JumpCloud

JumpCloud®Directory-as-a-Service® provides IT professionals with a single platform to secure and empower their workforces. Beyond that, JumpCloud is a company that values its employees and the connections they make with one another.

Even now, while the JumpCloud team works remotely, we strive to provide a place to come together and build an impactful service for our customers. We’ve compiled stories from JumpCloudians across our four global locations to share what makes working at JumpCloud so special.

“JumpCloud is a unique place,” CEO Rajat Bhargava said. “We compete against some of the largest tech companies in the world to solve some very big problems. The people solving these problems are incredibly smart, and have built a cloud directory platform that is the digital backbone for our customers.

“JumpCloud is by no means perfect, but that’s also part of what motivates our team — to make a positive impact on an organization, on customers, and on each other.”

Aaron Wilmot, JumpCloud’s vice president of People, said he’s found that JumpCloudians are always willing to help one another, and they’re passionate about solving real problems for real people. 

“When I started at JumpCloud I sat down with every team member who was hired before me and asked them how they describe working at JumpCloud to non-JumpCloudians” Wilmot said. “It came down to three core tenets that I think are the foundation of our culture: great colleagues, transparency, and passion.”

JumpCloud Values

JumpCloud has three stated values, which a team of more than two dozen people came together to craft with input from across the company. Our values are:

  • Build Connections
  • Think Big
  • 1% Better Every Day

Build Connections

At JumpCloud, we seek to help organizations connect their users to their necessary IT resources — and we build connections with one another. New employees each write “user manuals,” which peers can read to learn more about their hobbies and quirks, the qualities they value in others, and the ways they like to communicate. 

We also take breaks to have fun and form friendships. Whether we share a beer (Read more...)

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