Message from Digital Envoy President Jerrod Stoller

A lot has been written on this blog about the various ways that Digital Resolve’s solutions help strengthen cybersecurity through a variety of technologies from multi-factor authentication to single sign-on to behavioral monitoring and analytics. It’s amazing to see how enterprises across a number of industries, from financial services to fast-growth technology to small- and medium-sized businesses to healthcare, have
benefitted from having a single, easy-to-deploy solution that provides comprehensive security for online users. The cross-industry applications for Digital Resolve’s technology are numerous, and I am excited to explore ways that we can continue to deliver value for our current and future clients.

I recognize the pandemic has impacted all of us and caused companies around the world to re-evaluate and, in many instances, re-invent, how they do business. I do expect that they’ll emerge stronger with a keener sense of how to best serve the needs of their clients.

While a lot of people might shy away from taking on such a high-profile leadership role during this time, I am honored―and welcome―the opportunity to lead a dynamic firm at the forefront of online fraud protection and identity intelligence technology.

As I assume the day-to-day leadership for Digital Resolve, my focus will be on driving product innovation and market strategy to align its offerings even closer with the needs of current customers and the numerous industry marketplaces we serve. I’m excited about the innovation and solutions we provide that will allow our clients to continue to succeed. Know that I, along with the entire Digital Resolve team, am committed to working hard to meet the challenges our clients and prospects face today―and anticipating and solving the ones they will meet in the future. There is incredible opportunity ahead of us.

I am grateful for the time I spent at eVestment and RSA, which re-affirmed my belief that delivering quality solutions along with providing highly responsive support and service brings the value that clients want―and, quite frankly, should expect.

I am thrilled to assume this new role and incredibly excited about what we can accomplish together for the future. I look forward to continuing to support our clients at the highest levels as well as developing new market and product strategies within our industry niches to solve real-world problems.

Right now, it seems hard to predict exactly when it will be “business as usual,” but I feel strongly that Digital Resolve will continue to create an impact across a variety of different industries, in both today’s most uncertain times and in the future ahead. We all know that cybercriminals never rest.

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