LoginRadius Identity Import Manager, An Automated Feature for Seamless Data Migration

Companies have forever relied on the data import process to get a centralized view of data and drive smarter business decisions. Even today, integrating data from legacy systems and other sources remains a key component of a company’s identity toolbox. 

The LoginRadius Identity Import Manager is a flexible tool that allows companies to import and manage multiple customer profile data from any different application, service, or database into the LoginRadius database via CSV files. 

With the new feature, companies can be confident about the consistency and accuracy of the imported data.

Intent Behind the Launch 

LoginRadius understands that when companies take more time to migrate the data from legacy systems, it increases their go-to-market time. With the Identity Import Manager, we aim to automate the migration process with 100% precision.

We understand data import and update requirements. We tightly connect different data elements with a unified user profile.

Other benefits of the LoginRadius Identity Import Manager include:

  • It is easier and faster than traditional methods that move data by writing codes manually 
  • It improves data professionals’ productivity as it codifies and reuses processes that move data without any technical intervention. 
  • It offers a robust built-in-error handling functionality that empowers companies to build well-instrumented data warehousing systems.

Core Capabilities of LoginRadius Identity Import Manager

  • Data Migration Operation: It imports new data and updates and deletes existing data migration. It also supports automatic mapping with LoginRadius fields. 
  • Data Integration: It offers a single and unified view with a real-time progress update along with consolidated structured and unstructured data from multiple sources.
  • Data Compliance: It provides reliable data protection capabilities through alignment with the NIST SP 800-53 component. Other certifications include SOC2 Type ll, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and 27018 with ISO 27001:2013.
  • ETL Optimization: It optimizes existing ETL processes to improve performance, reduce data points, and decrease resource usage.
  • Log File Protection: Log files can be protected with a password, using the set log file password field.
  • Redundancy Verification: Redundancy is avoided using the Lookup Type, which locates the customer profile that needs to be added, modified, or deleted, to prevent duplicate profile.
  • Data ETL Logs: It shows the history of migrated data requests and the log download links. Logs contain details such as the start date, the expiry date of downloaded files, the status of the data process, etc.
  • Flexible tools: It is equipped with state-of-the-art solutions that excel in addressing the exponential growth of various data sources and is designed to work with structured and unstructured data.

A Final Word

Companies produce a wide range of data in a variety of forms that may not be fully integrated. Additionally, they collect data from external sources that they require to import into their systems. 

The Identity Import Manager is a built-in feature of the LoginRadius customer identity and access management platform that offers frictionless access and integration of data for effective and accurate data processing.


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