Large, Complex DDoS Attacks on the Rise in 2020

While we’ve highlighted both record PPS and BPS attacks mitigated on the Akamai Prolexic Platform over the past few weeks, these attacks are part of a broader trend of increasingly large and complex DDoS activity. We have seen clear indications across the industry of high-water mark DDoS attacks being publicized by multiple vendors.

The sheer number of large attacks has been unprecedented. The attacks are also noteworthy for their increasing complexity, illustrated in the number and combinations of different attack vectors. The tenacity of attackers is also increasing — one Akamai customer experienced 14 separate 100+ Gbps attacks in just the first half of 2020.

“What’s new is the concept of campaigns. We go back a couple of years, and ‘attack’ was the right word to use. There were many attacks every single day, but they weren’t, in my opinion, campaign-oriented. Some of our more recent ones are campaign-oriented, where the attacker is working in a coordinated way over an extended period of time.” — Roger Barranco, Vice President, Global Security Operations, Akamai

Some likely reasons for the rise in attacks are a combination of:

The proliferation of DDoS-for-hire tools
Emerging botnets (enterprise DVRs, IoT, etc.) entering the scene
Plenty of motivating factors across social, geopolitical, and online unrest
Quarantine and boredom — what’s a malicious actor supposed to do?
Whatever the unique reason of each attack, the result is the same: a security and IT team needs an effective defense.

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