Cyber Work podcast: Top soft skills and the Federal Cybersecurity Reskilling Academy


In this episode of Infosec’s Cyber Work podcast, host Chris Sienko spoke with Chris Triolo, VP of customer success for Respond Software. They discussed the Federal Cybersecurity Reskilling Academy and the top soft skills that can help you break into a cybersecurity career.

Getting started in tech: The military is an option

Like many cybersecurity professionals, Chris Triolo got started as a temp — in his case, a position as a temp at a defense contractor. He had a computer with an active internet connection that helped him learn networking details such as how to get people on the network, how to configure their email clients and how to get access to file shares, and so on. Filling a space while learning on the job, Triolo used to help people because there was no IT person on the premises. This turned into a permanent position at Schriever Air Force Base to do information assurance (IA).

Reading books to augment his knowledge, Triolo worked with an IT department based back on the East Coast. This allowed him another valuable source of support, as he was able to reach out for explanations when things got too difficult. Having a support network when one is beginning is not mandatory, but it is a great way to avoid some common newbie mistakes.

The day-to-day work life of a VP of customer success

Triolo says the primary goal of his current position is to get customers up and running on the company’s software in order to get them trained up, understanding how to use it, making sure that it provides the value that they set out to provide when they sold them the product. This intersects with sales work but goes beyond simply selling the product; it focuses on ensuring that the customers know (Read more...)

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