A Security Analyst, A Lead Developer, And A Cloud IT Admin Walk Into A Bar…

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

When we talk to users about the ways that they handle roles and responsibilities associated with keeping their Cloud accounts secure, we get a multitude of answers. There’s often a wide range of people and teams from various parts of the business, each handling a portion of the problem space. Addressing cloud security concerns can be a complicated puzzle that comes together differently for each organization. This is especially true when your teams, responsibilities, and assets are increasingly distributed.

“IT team oversees cloud configuration management, and AWS specific resources help with technical details.  We’re upskilling the app team and there’s are dedicated AWS resources to help”

Lead Application Developer, Retail


“A lot of people from across the globe, making a change they don’t know the impact of…we haven’t come up with a great way to control this.” 

Sr. IT Architect, Mgmt Consulting Firm


“Onboarding/offboarding resources…we need an automated solution to remove resources from projects or from the company.”

Lead Applications Developer, Retail


“Global Ops has dedicated cloud resources because they don’t do a lot of on-prem.  They have specific 365 teams, Azure teams.  300k users worldwide, so pretty specialized.”

Sr Network Security Engineer, Accounting firm


When it comes to the move to the Cloud, a lot of people and teams have to wear the Security hat, but it doesn’t always fit perfectly. One thing most companies have in common is a need for a set of requirements along with clear, repeatable playbooks to get into a good state and stay there. With our recently released Tripwire Configuration Manager, we can help.

Start With A Solid Foundation

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