Podcast/webinar recap: What’s new in ethical hacking?


Ethical hackers are at the front lines of the battle against cybercriminals. Since new forms of malware, APTs and ransomware are emerging every day, it’s critical that ethical hackers stay well-informed of key technological changes. After all, that’s how we stay one step ahead of the bad guys! 

Infosec had the chance to sit down with Keatron Evans, Infosec instructor and managing partner at KM Cyber Security, for a webinar all about what’s new in the world of ethical hacking. Let’s take a look at some of the trends and changes facing the ethical hacking field.

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What’s new in ethical hacking? 

Two technological trends are reshaping ethical hacking: web app security and cloud security. Organizations around the globe are eagerly adopting cloud services to save money and boost mobility, but that comes at the cost of new vulnerabilities. Evans explains: “The bad guys are using cloud services as an attack vehicle and that’s kind of scary because now they have unlimited resources that they’re able to utilize to do things that they weren’t able to necessarily do in the past.”

Looking into the future, Evans anticipates the importance of pentesting web applications and cloud systems will continue to be on the forefront of ethical hacking. 

What does an ethical hacker actually do? 

Ethical hackers are hackers who work for a good cause. That means they use many of the same tools and skills as hackers, but instead of stealing information or money, they help organizations improve their information security programs.

Evans broke down the ethical hacking process for us so we could get a glimpse into what it looks like day-to-day. First, ethical hackers need to assess what the customer needs. This usually comes in the form of a questionnaire where the customer establishes (Read more...)

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