Pharos and Indelible Partner to Deliver Integrated Software and Services for Security Teams

London, UK, June 23, 2020 – Pharos Inc., a SaaS provider that helps manage the business and economics of cybersecurity, today announced a partnership with Indelible, LLC, a leading strategic cybersecurity consultancy, to offer clients in the U.S. and Canada a unique combination of software and consulting services designed to strengthen and optimize cybersecurity operations.

The Pharos security-economics SaaS platform helps CISOs model and justify cyber threat preparedness outcomes, and to track and optimize security operations in delivery. Pharos utilizes proprietary threat and budget quantifying and calibrating processes that structure security strategy, budget, and operations into measurable key performance indicators. These are continuously calculated and monitored to ensure budget is best leveraged and resources are guided to optimal outcomes. This is all done in a strong business context to ensure security prioritizes the most important results in business terms.

“Security strategies must move quickly as the business-scape, threat-scape, and available budget and resources seems to evolve each month. The executive team at Indelible consists of three of the most accomplished professionals in cyber security consulting and I have seen firsthand how satisfied their customers are. There is a natural fit here between these front-line industry leaders and the deep design of the Pharos SaaS platform,” said Pharos founder and CTO Douglas Ferguson.

Indelible, LLC has built a reputation for helping clients solve some of the most complex challenges in Cybersecurity. Examples include advanced advisory services for full security program as well as specific program components like assessment and management of Security Operations, Vulnerability Management, and Secure Software Development, and Cyber Incident Response (IR).

“We are seeing that today’s CISOs rely heavily on their partners and trusted advisors. We build strong, effective, and secure environments with right-sized policies and practices,” said Carric Dooley, Indelible’s co-founder and CEO. “Pharos provides clients with a best-of-breed SaaS solution that measures and prioritizes key performance elements within any type of defense profile in a manner that is highly valuable. Our entire team is excited about this partnership and look forward to helping the professionals at Pharos with an extended set of solutions to help deliver true security to their clients.”

About Pharos Security

Pharos delivers a security-economic quant system as a real-time SaaS platform for business leadership and security management to centrally manage the business of cyber security.

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About Indelible

Indelible LLC provides advanced cybersecurity services to both advise on, and directly manage security posture and active cyber threats. Combining strategic and tactical guidance on capability and program alongside a highly competitive Cyber Incident Response (IR) offering, Indelible can help with asserting control over the impact of a cyber incident or raise the chances of avoiding a high-impact incident altogether.