Miscreant Hackers Co-Opt CAPTCHAs

Image Courtesy of Microsoft Security

Image Courtesy of Microsoft Security

In a masquerade and redirection ploy typically utilized by land, sea (surface and submersable), air and (highly likely) space warfare professionals, comes word of the same tactic targeting civilian users of our collectively beloved interwebs. Read, if you will, Dan Goodin’s superlative prose (whilst ensconced at ArsTechnica), describing – in excrutiating detail – the ploy, as it were.

“CHIMBORAZO, the group behind Dudear campaigns that deploy the info-stealing Trojan GraceWire, evolved their methods once again in constant pursuit of detection evasion,” Microsoft’s Security Intelligence group wrote in a Tweet on Wednesday. “The group is now using websites with CAPTCHA to avoid automated analysis.” – via Dan Goodin writing at ArsTechnica .

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