Secure configuration is the foundation of cybersecurity and compliance, and as previously discussed, CIS benchmarks are the accepted best practice.

However, organizations often struggle when they try to apply CIS benchmarks to their environments. The necessary assessment and reporting processes are often a sticking point, as they can become highly resource intensive.

In this article, we’ll look at how organizations can apply CIS benchmarks to achieve security and compliance objectives — without overwhelming their human or financial resources.

How To Apply CIS Benchmarks for Compliance 

One of the top reasons why organizations decide to build CIS benchmarks into their cybersecurity programs is to help achieve compliance objectives.

There’s an old adage that compliance does not equal security — and that’s true. However, compliance is the introductory bar that organizations must clear when assembling a cybersecurity program. Compliance with major frameworks is often a legal requirement, and non-compliance comes with (Read more...)