3 Signs Your Business Needs a Virtual CISO

Technology helps businesses leverage their limited resources in wise, more effective ways. Technology is an essential part of business life. Technology provides both convenience and opportunity as it opens doors all over the world. But, with this 24×7 connectedness comes with a price ? data vulnerability. It?s a double-edged sword; technology is both the cost of doing business and the opportunity to do more business. Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are fixated at a tactical level, trying to stay ahead on cash flow and payroll and do not have time to think about information security strategically. If your business creates, stores, and transact data as a core business process you could be vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

Growing small and medium-sized businesses need access to a senior information security professional who understands?your?business objectives and can provide technical direction to support those objectives SECURELY. A fractional Chief Information Security Officer (virtual CISO) is leveraged to manage and align security with defined business objectives if you are not able to bring on full-time information security professionals. Typically, a virtual CISO provides the value of a full-time executive at a much lower cost. Who is a good candidate for a virtual CISO?

Businesses are built on strong products and services; and the technology is typically the underlying driver of business success regardless of industry. From email to point of sales to collaboration tools the efficacy of the solutions you invest has the potential to make or break your business. Security as it relates to the interconnected nature of business is considered an enabler for success and needs to be treated as an essential business process. A disruption in your technology could damage your business.

If any of the following statements apply to your business; it?s probably time you speak with an advisor:

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Small and Medium-sized businesses are struggling to keep up with constantly evolving threats while maintaining control over an ever-expanding range of hardware, devices, applications, and end-users. Each day there are system patches to apply to critical systems, regulatory updates, new technologies to adopt, your teams are stuck in a reactive state and the list goes on that it is difficult to prioritize where to put your limited resources. In today?s competitive business landscape every operational decision is critical ? that includes best practices for managing information security in your business. SMB leaders are overwhelmed with options on how to secure their business. You need someone who understands threats and opportunities related to your business; it?s time for a conversation with a virtual CISO.?

What?s the Cost?

Tight budgets and limited expertise keep small and medium-sized businesses from making effective Information Security decisions. Business leaders treat every dollar spent as an investment; security solutions should be given the same scrutiny. Information Security can sometimes be intimidating due to the complexity with the mix of regulatory requirements, managing ongoing security threats, and increased 3rd party risk exposure. The uncertainty can lead to spending that does not meet the security needs of your business. A virtual CISO is a trusted partner that will work to understand your business and provide guidance to help you identify the right solutions to manage your business?s security.

Worried About Security?

Business leaders see the media coverage of cybersecurity breaches; and while the media focuses on well-known enterprises with names like Capital One, Door Dash, Macy?s it?s hard not to wonder how vulnerable your business is to a cyber-attack. The disruption of a cyber-attack cost money hurts your reputation and possibly suspend business operations. Cybersecurity needs to be part of the organization?s core business process; so, you can be resilient to an attack. Security is a process as opposed to a destination. Speak to a virtual CISO as the first step to understand your exposure; you can?t secure what you can?t measure.

Many small and medium-sized businesses lack a dedicated information security professional; this practice should be avoided in this day and age. Security, Compliance, and IT Governance should be managed with a formal security program. Basics include security policies, controls to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities. An?effective?security program requires ongoing management. A dedicated information security professional can reduce the high cost associated with unmanaged risk.? ?


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