Iceberg Networks at ServiceNow Knowledge 2020

Ken McPherson, CEO of Iceberg Networks spoke with ServiceNow’s Marc LeCuyer and Dimitria Maniatis on The Canada Morning Show. Ken discusses how a digital-risk management strategy fits into your digital transformation. You can watch the full interview here.

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Managing risks and controls in customer projects

May 27, 2020 1:15pm EST

Andrew Vesay, Iceberg Networks; Seshadri PS, Unisys

Understanding risks and controls in large projects are not new to organizations. To manage risks related to client’s confidential data, Unisys used a point solution integrated to an intake process that is manual. They were looking for a solution that supports an end to end integrated risk platform, automation, monitoring and clear separation of risks and controls with automated management dashboards & reporting. The ServiceNow solution developed by Unisys and Iceberg establishes a project ‘container’ that allows assets from CMDB to be associated to the project, automates the generation of risks to be assessed, then drives a set of controls based on the risk and compliance profile.

[BRE3132] A Tale of Two Companies – Implementing Out of the Box

Kirk Hogan, Iceberg Networks; Adam Leigh, Align Tech; Renato Cunha, Altagas

Wondering if you can really implement ServiceNow out of
the box? Join Altagas and Align Tech as they discuss their GRC journey. You’ll
hear how Altagas implemented on their own, to enable more accurate risk-based
decision making, transparency, and better response for technical risk
assessments and audit testing activities. Align Tech with the help of Iceberg
Networks utilized out -of-the-box capabilities and indicators to introduce a
level of automation into organizations that have smaller teams with large volumes
of work to perform – saving timing and reducing inefficiencies.

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