Expand Your MSSP Portfolio with 360 Protection Across Mobile, Email, and Web

As security threats become progressively sophisticated, IT organizations are looking to managed security services to provide trusted security solutions to fill the gaps. While the demand is high for MSSPs, the ability to offer advanced security programs that are innovative and cost-effective is a challenge.

To help MSSPs meet this extraordinary demand, SlashNext has launched a new program to empower MSSPs with the resources and tools they need to protect their customers while improving their productivity and delivering higher margins. The program will offer value and incentives on SlashNext’s real-time phishing detection products across endpoints, mobile devices, and network controls.

“Our goal is to help MSSPs excel at operational efficiency with optimal returns by providing a suite of highly accurate anti-phishing solutions to compete in the growing threat landscape,” said Barry Ruditsky, Senior Vice President of Business Development. “Our channel-focused business is here to support MSSPs with the challenges of protecting against the full range of phishing attacks exploiting users through mobile, email, and web.”

See More Evasive Threats at Cloud-Scale
SlashNext’s patented SEER™ technology uses millions of virtual browsers to detect previously unknown threats with unmatched accuracy. The real-time, multi-vector, multi-payload phishing threat detection identifies previously unknown, zero-hour threats that URL inspection and domain reputation analysis will most definitely miss.  Ideal for protecting new threats targeting cloud email, social media, advertising and collaboration platforms.

Automate Phishing Incident Response
SlashNext’s phishing IR product is a scalable, cloud-based solution that is purpose-built for accurate, definitive results and enrichment. When combined with phishing IR playbooks, analysis, and reporting it will minimize the mean time to resolve phishing incidents. In combination with pre-built integration apps for industry-leading SOAR, SIEM, and TIP platforms, SlashNext has removed all of the friction involved in deploying Incident Response for the MSSP market.

24-7, Anywhere Protection for the Entire Workforce
SlashNext’s multi-vector phishing protection for mobile devices and endpoint web browsers are lightweight, cloud-powered endpoint agents continuously updated with real-time phishing threat intelligence from SlashNext’s patented SEER™ threat detection technology.  MSSP’s can provide an endpoint service designed to provide remote workers protection both on corporate devices and when leveraging personal applications.

The MSSP program offers several benefits, including:

  • High margin endpoint services ideal to protect remote users.
  • Subscription based programs for the use of URL Analysis and Enrichment that automates phishing threat intelligence that dramatically increases threat researcher productivity, expands gross margin and allows the MSSP to scale its business.
  • Pre-sales and marketing support
  • Multiple-levels of technical and development support

To see SlashNext in action and to learn more about partner opportunities register for the June 2nd webinar for a demo of our technology and the vast array of automation integration options to reduce your operational cost and increase your share of the wallet within the industry.

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