Enabling Remote Work

One of the most significant challenges organizations now face is how to enable remote work for their employees. Mere months ago people commuted to offices and conducted most of their work in person, and now entrepreneurs and executives worldwide are determining how to keep their organizations running despite orders to stay home.

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing organizations to implement a work from home model, and many are concerned for the productivity of their employees in the long term. However, remote work doesn’t have to equate to less productivity for your team. Below, we suggest helpful ways you can enable your team to be successful while working remotely.


Emphasizing safety for your team in times of calamity is critical. Hopefully by working from home they feel physically safe, but you’ll want to help reinforce a safe mentality to any extent you can. 

Focusing on outcomes rather than hours worked is critical. Give your team the latitude they need to deal with family issues, mental health breaks, exercise, and more. Encourage employees to take the time they need to adjust to a new way of working. Mental health is especially important during this time, and ensuring you’re there to support your team encourages them to work with you as well. 


Reinforcing safety as a leader also includes making sure that your team is safe while working online or connecting to resources through a VPN. Make sure your team pairs their credentials with multi-factor authentication (MFA), and that MFA is enabled everywhere you can — on machines, on applications, and on VPNs. Their digital identities are the number one path to your confidential digital assets.

During times of crisis, online threats increase. Bad actors hack networks, exploit users in phishing attempts, and use ransomware to get immediate payouts from unsuspecting victims. Even though they’re in the safety of their own homes, employees are even more vulnerable to attacks. 

It’s important that you give your team the knowledge and tools that they need to keep themselves safe online. Train them to use unique, complex passwords for each of (Read more...)

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