Announcing JumpCloud Apple MDM

Today we’re adding Apple MDM to JumpCloud’s robust system management platform. This new feature simplifies work for administrators managing Mac fleets.

Let’s take a look at how you enable Apple MDM in JumpCloud for macOS.

How it Works

JumpCloud admins register their organization as an MDM Server with Apple in a few clicks and unlock system management capabilities only available through Apple MDM, including remote lock, restart, shutdown, and wipe.

Admins then quickly bulk enroll their macOS systems into JumpCloud Apple MDM using the existing JumpCloud system agent to deploy their organization’s MDM enrollment profile. 

Why It Matters 

One of the coolest things about this new feature is the ability for admins to enact zero-touch enrollment. Automated Device Enrollment is available via integration with Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager.

Admins using Apple MDM will also get granular monitoring and reporting using the event logging service in Directory Insights:

  “mdm_type”: “apple”,
  “request_type”: “DeviceLock”,
  “device_manager_object_id”: “5e95d0a128b4f8666ef26b87”,
  “command”: {
    “pin”: “603327d15366c6f2a21e29aad90188596030931bfe13c61d2e47082120b0722e”,
    “request_type”: “DeviceLock”
  “event_type”: “mdm_command_result”,
  “command_uuid”: “f8e94ca2-97b9-4319-866a-c3438a5bf9d1”,
  “service”: “mdm”,
  “organization”: “5c71807298ce437512b9e8b7”,
  “@version”: “1”,
  “device_object_id”: “5ebeb092658f7304f48e2d84”,
  “error_chain”: null,
  “id”: “5ebef5995ce382052f6d2623”,
  “timestamp”: “2020-05-15T20:03:37.399619041Z”,
  “status”: “Acknowledged”

You can learn more about Directory Insights’ Early Access period here.

What’s Next

Admins using JumpCloud for Apple MDM will continue to see new innovations coming out of this integration. I’ll also be answering questions about this feature during JumpCloud Office Hours on Friday, June 5. The floor will also be open for discussion on APIs and automation. If you don’t have a JumpCloud account, you can sign up for one here.

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