Will Social Distancing Break the Internet?

First off, no — the Internet is not going to break! That said, the news media is awash with stories and statistics about how the Internet is faring with the increase in traffic due to isolation protocols forcing daily functions online. Which functions? In my house, we have remote work, e-learning, online retail, online banking, streaming video, online gaming, video chat, social media, and Wi-Fi calling. I know I’m not alone, and of course this just scratches the surface. As people across the globe shelter in place, there is no debate that almost all of us are spending more time than ever before online in order to maintain continuity in our work lives, in our home lives, and in our social circles.

Akamai has a unique vantage point into how global Internet traffic patterns are changing. In my role leading Akamai’s platform, including our traffic routing and global load balancing systems, I’ve seen these trends and how they shift on a daily basis. We can see clear patterns and correlated increases in daily traffic volumes in countries where isolation protocols have been implemented. In the dizzying stream of news articles covering states of emergency, social distancing guidance, quarantines, and lockdowns, it is fascinating to see how those announcements are directly reflected in increases in Internet traffic.

To find out more, I hope you’ll join me and my peers on the Akamai leadership team on April 7 or 8 for Akamai Edge Live: Virtual Summit. We’ve got some really interesting sessions planned with insights into inflection points on the Internet, both past and present. I’ll be hosting the event, and presenting about how social distancing impacts the Internet with my friend Amanda Goedde, the managing editor of Akamai’s State of the Internet Report. I look forward to seeing you at our virtual summit — stay healthy, and speak with you soon!

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