Weekly News Roundup April 13-17, 2020

These past couple weeks have been an adjustment for everyone, but they have also allowed me to engage a lot more with the RSA Conference community. We’ve been recording many more webcasts and podcasts with industry leaders who are willing to share their time and wisdom in order to help us all navigate our way through the challenges of our times. It’s heart-warming to see so many people coming together in different ways, despite the requirement that we remain physically distanced from each other.

As the days pass and we try to define the lines between work and personal lives at home, it’s easy to see everything blending into one. Some of us may have even forgotten that there is anything else going on in the world. So, to bring you up to speed on anything you might have missed, here’s a look at some of the most important security headlines of the week.

Apr. 17: According to reports from BBC, Google has effectively blocked upwards of 18 million coronavirus email scams every day.

Apr. 17: The Hill reported, “Leading tech industry groups on Thursday urged Congress to support efforts to modernize information technology and ward off cybersecurity threats during the COVID-19 pandemic, as Americans move online and networks are put under increasing stress.”

Apr. 17: Many organizations have turned to cloud service providers to continue with their daily operations, yet The Hacker News reported that “even major corporations have fallen prey to hackers.

Apr. 16: The United States has reportedly offered to pay out up to $5 million for information on cyberthreat operations coming from North-Korean state-backed campaigns.

Apr. 15: Akamai security researcher Larry Cashdollar set up a docker image honeypot with SSH that ran for 24 hours and found, “Attackers who were using certain password combinations would use the docker image for different criminal activities.”

Apr. 15: Cybersecurity professionals have banned together with a common goal of sharing thought leadership and even services throughout the global pandemic, but Krebs on Security looked at whether that unity will be sustained once this crisis is behind us.

Apr. 14: A new report issued by the Government Accountability Office recommended several steps the Department of Defense should take in order to prioritize cybersecurity at all levels.

Apr. 14: Threatpost reported, “Recent malware campaigns reveal that cybercriminals arent sparing healthcare firms, medical suppliers and hospitals on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Apr. 13: A survey published by the Cyber Readiness Institute found that most small businesses do not have a remote working policy or a cybersecurity plan to address the risks of a remote workforce. 


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