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Residential Internet Connections are now Business Connections: What about Security and Compliance?

Near-global mandates to stay at home have completely reshaped the internet security landscape.  Remote work is the new normal, inverting the traditional office model. Attackers are not relenting as they see opportunity to take advantage of a world with a singular focus.

Here are a couple of recent Akamai blog posts that explore some recent findings about how hackers are taking advantage of the pandemic:

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Businesses face new kinds of exposure because home environments differ from offices in many ways. There are often space constraints and workers are distracted by family members who are also at home; especially children who no longer leave to spend the day at school and use the same internet connection for schoolwork and other activities.  

Most businesses haven’t designed their security defenses with a model where the majority of employees are remote, all of the time. Family members themselves are also at risk since the internet is likely to be a primary entertainment option during long days spent inside. And it’s basically impossible to determine when work will shift back to offices. These factors all favor attackers who’ve become skilled at provoking clicks on malicious phishing urls.  

ISPs are well-positioned to protect residential connections: they can use the power of their networks to deliver protection at scale. They already have trusted subscriber relationships as well as security and operational expertise. Cloud-based security solutions, built around DNS-centric technologies, can greatly simplify integration with operational systems, allowing even millions of customers to be onboarded quickly and protected everywhere a provider network reaches. ISPs can provide a foundational level of protection in a feature-rich, low-touch solution at a palatable price point.

Subscribers can get immediate access to defenses against phishing, bots and malware that “just work” without any software or hardware installation. And all of the consumer, and now business, devices that are found in today’s homes can be covered automatically. Real-time threat intelligence updates can ensure that even fast-changing threats can be deterred before they hit residential connections.

In the near-term, providers can demonstrate a commitment to protecting their customers at a time when everyone is challenged and stressed. Akamai is already heavily engaged with the ISP community worldwide and prepared to offer trial solutions to get subscribers protected quickly and easily.  

Jon Morgan is Vice President of Product Management & Operations for Akamai’s Media & Carrier business.

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