Accelerate Migration from Legacy WAM While Enabling Zero Trust Access with EAA and Single-Host Access

Customers are in the process of replacing their legacy proxy/WAM solutions with modern Identity-Aware Proxies to enable Zero Trust access to business applications and services. Akamai’s Identity Aware proxy enables secure remote access for end users from anywhere, on any device, to business applications hosted across multiple data centers using modern cloud and Zero Trust principles.

Application URL Patterns

Organizations that use a large set of applications have followed a couple of URL patterns to identify and represent applications.

Most organizations use a fully qualified domain name to identify applications, for example:

Another set of organizations have used the URL path to identify applications, for example:


A number of modern Identity-Aware Proxies only support the first application URL pattern (fully qualified domain name) while defining applications. Organizations who have been using the second application URL pattern (URL path) are forced to refactor their applications and notify all end users of changes if they decide to uptake Identity-Aware Proxies that only support the first URL pattern. The effort to refactor applications (legacy application, most of the time) and then to test and revalidate all the integrations turns into a herculean project that requires multiple dedicated resources and precise coordination across multiple teams and business units. The time, cost, and effort to go through a refactoring exercise makes it difficult for IT to justify the move to a modern Identity-Aware Proxy.

Akamai Solution:

Enterprise Application Access (EAA) is Akamai’s Zero Trust remote access solution. Ion and DSA are Akamai’s scale, reliability, acceleration, and proxy solutions. With Ion/DSA and the single-host access EAA feature, EAA will also support the second application URL pattern. This feature enables organizations to retain their existing application URL patterns, move to a modern Identity-Aware Proxy, and do this without requiring IT to refactor existing applications. The combination of EAA and Ion/DSA gives organizations a complete solution through which they can deliver a superior digital experience, optimize performance through acceleration, and enable secure remote access using Zero Trust principles.

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If you have either of the following Akamai licenses, you are all set:

  1. EAA and Ion Standard
  2. Enterprise Defender Premium (which includes EAA Enterprise and DSA)

The single-host access feature is available for use in production environments, and it is under controlled availability. To enable this feature in your EAA tenancy, reach out to your Akamai Account Representative.

Use the following links to learn more about the Akamai solution:

Enterprise Application Access

Enterprise Defender

Web Performance with Ion

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