In an ever-evolving security world, we to need to secure more with even fewer resources. While the cybersecurity skills gap increases, leaving “350,000 U.S. cybersecurity jobs unfilled yearly,” it is vital to work together to protect our environments and educate others. Creating a customer community can do just that. Having a digital space with like-minded professionals allows customers to ask questions, collaborate and engage with both employees and peers, making way for companies to achieve their goals faster. In an industry that is built on protecting customers, let’s aim to be involved with our customers, too.

5 Customer Issues an Online Community Can Solve

In order to understand why cybersecurity companies need online customer communities, we have to understand what the common issues that arise:

  1. Customers are seeking faster ways to get an answer to their problems.
  2. Customers are looking for guidance and best practices from trusted sources.
  3. Customers don’t have a place to voice their opinions on products and services.
  4. Customers are looking for ways to stay connected after meeting at an in-person event.
  5. Customers are looking for ways to learn, grow and continually evolve with the products and services they utilize to accomplish their business goals.

Customer Benefits of a Community Space

When an online community is introduced to customers, they are able to utilize it like a social media tool. Users are able to connect with others through discussions, comments, ‘liking’ posts, sharing practices and screenshots. With the ability to ask other customers questions, they have the opportunity to learn which products would solve their problems or ask how to effectively use a product. This allows peers to offer solutions, ones that may be insightful to others. When a customer finds an answer, they gain knowledge for themselves; when they provide an answer in (Read more...)